Open Design

Read and display data from designs.
Using code.

Programmatically get data from Figma and four other design tools. All in an open-source Node.js SDK.

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All the design data.
From five formats.

Get any type of data from the design - no matter what tool you use to create it.

Open Design breaks down Figma, Sketch, XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator designs and converts them into a universal design format. It’s the same data, just a different format.

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Export text for translation
const design = await openDesignSdk.importDesignFile('/tmp/file.sketch')
const designContents = design.getContents()
const textLayers = await designContents.findTextLayers()
const texts ={ artboardId, layer }) => {
  return {
    text: layer.getTextValue()

Node.js SDK with batteries included.

Just add Open Design SDK as a dependency in your project and you have everything you need to start getting data from design files.

In just a few lines of code, you can extract all the text from a design. It’s that easy.

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Display designs with Render.

Render images of artboards or layers - exactly as they appear in the original design tool.

Render is a hardware-accelerated rendering engine that creates visual output from a design. It’s fast and doesn’t depend on the design tool.

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Design import. Simplified.

Want to import designs into your product? You’re in the right place.

Open Design abstracts away the complexities of ever-changing design formats. Write one importer for our well-documented format and we’ll make sure you never have to do it again.

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Are you building a design tool, plugin, or a no-code tool?

Open Design powers trusted tools in the design space

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We helped cloud-based design platform Ceros to enable Sketch, PSD, and AI file import

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“Without the Open Design API, our Design File Import feature - one of the most game-changing things we’ve ever released - simply wouldn’t exist. It’s been immeasurably helpful. The Open Design team helped us build a killer feature, and it’s saved us both time and money.”
Alan Delong

Alan DeLong

Lead Software Developer at Ceros

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