Open Design

Figma Design File Import


Imports a Figma design file.

Uses the Figma API behind the scenes, so the file key is required. The file key can be read from any Figma file URL: For example, in, the file key is 12345.

Either a Figma personal access token or a Figma OAuth connection is required as well. The get the access token, check out the Figma documentation. You can also connect a Figma account via OAuth which makes the access token parameter optional.

You can optionally chain Import and Export together to convert designs between popular formats. Just include the exports object in the request. (The only supported target format is currently Sketch.)

Returns a design entity and optionally a list of exports. To access design contents, use the Design Summary endpoint. To access the exported design file, use the Design Export endpoint.


Request Body schema


Name of the design. When no specified, the Figma design name is used.


An access token from Figma. Not required only when the user has a Figma account connected.


ID of the file in Figma.

Array of strings 

Frame IDs to sync. When not specified, all frames are included.

Array of objects 

Design file exports to intiate automatically with the import. (Only Sketch is supported currently as the target format.)

Request samples


Response samples