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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Design?

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What is Octopus?

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How do you handle updates to design formats?

In some cases, new design tool releases can break some functionality in Open Design. If a feature we already support is broken, we commit to fixing that as soon as we can. If it's a brand-new feature, we support those based on user demand and our strategic direction. Let us know if something is missing!

How fast is Open Design?

Open Design does a lot of file processing behind the scenes. Every part of our processing pipeline is horizontally scalable, so it remains performant even under peak usage.

If you've been waiting for over a minute for your design to process, something may be wrong. Check out our status page or email [email protected].

Are designs processed by Open Design secure?

We take the security of your data very seriously. Check out our security page for more info about the safeguards that we take.

What if I notice something incorrect in Octopus or Render output?

First of all, nice catch! Please create an issue in GitHub with your source file and as much detail about the issue as you can and we'll take it from there.

Can Render use font files to generate bitmaps of text layers?

This is coming soon! Soon, you'll be able to pass font files to Render so you can get pixel-perfect renderings even with text layers.

What if I want to use a feature in a design tool that Open Design doesn't support?

Please create a discussion in GitHub and let us know! We truly take user feedback into consideration as we're planning our roadmap.

Is this production-ready?

Open Design is a new product and its user-facing components are still under active development.

The underlying technology, like Octopus and Render, are actively used by Avocode, our flagship product, and have processed millions of designs since their inception. We're confident in this technology and have an excellent track record running a highly available and scalable service.

How much does Open Design cost?

Open Design's free plan allows full use of the SDK and REST API with a limit of importing 50 designs/month. If you need a higher quota or want to start using it in production, email us at [email protected] and we'll work together to create a per-design pricing plan that works for your organization.

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