Open Design


designAn entity representing a design file.
artboardA discrete design area that contains design elements. There can be multiple in a single file.
frameSame as "Artboard". This is Figma's terminology.
pageA named collection of artboards which has its own coordinate system.
layerThe atomic unit of a design. Text, shapes, backgrounds, etc. are all different types of layers.
boundsDescribes the position and size of a particular item.
OctopusA universal design format built by the Open Design team.
SDK (Software Development Kit)A collection of tools that make it easier to interact with Open Design.
REST APIA set of HTTP endpoints that can be called with standard HTTP verbs (like GET and POST) to interact with Open Design. Can be used from almost every modern programming language.
OpenAPIA standard specification for a REST API. For more info, see this page.
bitmap assetBitmap images that are included in the design file
AvocodeDesign handoff tool that has been developed since 2015 and sparked many innovations that eventually got rebranded and released as Open Design in 2021.
componentA collection of layers that is reused across one or more designs. Used to speed up design work and to create a consistent design language across different designs.
symbolSame as "Component". This is Sketch's terminology.
headless design toolA tool that can programmatically get data from designs, make edits to existing designs, create new designs, and convert designs between formats. Open Design can do some of these things today and it will improve in the future.
ImportConverts a design to Octopus
ExportConverts a design to a popular design format
RenderGenerates bitmaps and vectors from a design
ViewEmbeds an interactive design viewer in a website or app